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The organization “U FOUNDER” is a trademark of a chain of services and it has been developed in slow sustainable business expansion over several years whose purpose is to link real service providers including our own trademarks underneath one business brand name.

Our trademark also represents one genuine and unique organization as an ally for long-term partnerships among different business brands with interest towards online business growth, marketing, social activities, travel and tourism. This also involves better recognition for each business provider and trademarks in the marketplace.

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Simple solutions for your business are often the ones which have an impact on your growth. In our organization “U FOUNDER” we have developed a chain of services which can significantly accomplish your business goals in many ways.


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The organization “U FOUNDER” is a trademark of a chain of services and it has been developed to link real service providers underneath one business brand name.

The whole idea to expand our organization was and still is the same to improve all business trademarks which was developed by us in the past few years. Planning this development consisted of several different business brands and trademarks development which are still continuously used nowadays as well.

The desire and effort we put into this development were related to our own expansion but also raise more awareness of all business brands including particular services which we are happy to offer to all our customers.

Our trademark also represents one genuine and unique organization as an ally for long-term partnerships among different business brands. This also involves better recognition for each business provider and trademarks in the marketplace.

We are connecting multiple services into one business development and trademark organization called “U FOUNDER” roof. This great opportunity allows us to give you better and more stable growth among your competitors too.

Our organization provide only trustworthy and fair solutions with unique service providers and great offers. With us, there is nothing to lose as you can only get better and move forward as well.

Authentics Trademarks

Our organization is link and associated only with legally approved trademarks or link to brands which was developed by our organization so we can minimise the risk of financial losses towards business investment and guarantee complete satisfaction to all our customers.

Chain Of Services

Most of the services which are linked to our organization have been personally developed by us over the years with relevant knowledge in a particular industry as well. We have merged several services into one and covered them with an umbrella under one roof to bring more benefits to our clients.

Fair Play Cooperation

In our business development and growth, we are willing to provide you with reasonable solutions for your company or business brand but what is more important to us we always fully respect your personal requirements including privacy in every legal aspect as well.

Sustainable Slow Progress Growth

We Are Keeping It Authentic & Real

To be able to make progress and grow our organization in the correct way we observe and consider a lot of benefits and possible obstacles which might be in our way before we move forward to our next project development.

Our main priority is to keep everything real and authentic so we can deliver everything that is expected from us but also keep our promise in every possible way so we can remain a fair player in the marketplace

We Follow Best Practices Index

Everything we do including all the services we are offering to the public nowadays a fully compatible in every legal aspect where general terms conditions and privacy policies follow the best possible practice index within our organization.

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We advise you to use our online form for all inquiries or quotes you like to obtain from us. All information processed via our online form can be and it will be responded to you within the next 24 or 48 hours after we have received your inquiry.

As an alternative solution, you may try to contact us via live chat or directly by telephone. Urgent inquiries can be processed in the same way.

Yes, we do and we will

Whole business brand development will be based on your demand or personal inquiry for your project development. It is important to tell us exactly what you need and what are your expectations from “A” to “Z” so we can precisely tailor specific services and solutions to meet your needs as well.

The clearer and more straightforward information you are able to provide to us the faster we will be able to progress your application and requirements as well.

Yes it is very safe

Every payment or transaction which is linked to our business or service offers is directly linked to our business bank account. Before processing payment for the service, you have used you will gain an invoice from us where the total amount will be specified. Every payment transaction is part of the legal aspect of our business and it is digitally traceable as well for customers protection.

Alternatively, we can use a verified third-party payment gateway and issue an invoice for the use of our services as well. We only link verified providers which are recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority and considered as trustworthy sources.

Yes, we do

Customer support is very important to us and we always do our best to provide the most relevant solutions or answers to each personal inquiry we receive from you.

In our business, we always try to provide the best possible advice equal to our own ability and knowledge even if the person decides to not use our service. The decision is entirely up to you and your choice is a matter of personal preference and we fully respect everyone’s decision in every way.

We do believe in equality and fair play as always.

The main benefits of our organization are like gem key development with multiple sources of service in one place which is supported by slow sustainable progress expansion of our chain services.

Our organization have developed and expanded services with the aim of providing more available service options to current but also new customers. There are multiple forms of benefits for individual and each of them have different values. This is based on the calculation of your engagement with our organization or subject to private consultation with you.

Multiple service use can significantly lower your cost or minimize your budget in the long-term cooperation.


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